The Re-Entombing of the Mortal Remains of Sr. Mary of the Sacred Heart JMJ

It was an historical moment for the JMJ family, as one of its venerated missionaries to be reinterred after exhumation on 29th November 2016. The immortal and divine intervention was on course to relocate the mortal remains of Dr. Sr. Mary Glowrey to enshrine the relics in the newly elevated Sr. Mary Glowrey Monument as a souvenir for the faithful to emulate her values and virtues.

The celestial skies splashed the radiance and blessed the day with heavenly warmth. The air was filled with the aroma of holy fragrance. The floral and festoon decoration proclaimed the celebration of homecoming of its beloved daughter. The JMJ family, religious, diocesan tribunal, eminent church personalities, and laity congregated to sing chorus of praise in honour of a first doctor-nun missionary, who also happened to be the first servant of God in the Society of JMJ.

The extensive process of exhumation and re-interment set out as the mortal remains of Dr. Sr. Mary Glowrey, as per the holy decree, escorted by Fr. Bobbin MI, a designated official from Bangalore. The nostalgic reminiscence echoed the naves, aisles, transept and domes of St. Agnes Church-Guntur - a place which was so close to her heart, as the fibre casket was placed in for the faithful to pay their respectful homage at 08.30 hrs. The devotional service animated by Sr. Vijaya, Sr. Ann Louise and Sr. Prameela insulated by chanting of prayers and anthems by cherubic choirs, was organized in honour of Sr. Mary of the Sacred Heart, the servant of God. An hour of adoration and thanks giving to the Heavenly father was followed by a procession to the shrine, erected in honour of Dr. Sr. Mary Glowrey.

At 10.30 hrs, a long procession, begun in order to transfer the mortal remains of Sr. Mary from the Agnes square. It was a procession of religious, laity, devotees, priest and bishops, paced gently and gracefully, as Students from St. Joseph’s tuned their drums en route to the monument erected in honour of Sr. Mary, the servant of God. As the silver casket carried by JMJ sisters, the choir sang the hymns in fervor. Most Rev. Dr. Gali Bali Blessed the Shrine and the four Provincials inaugurated the memorial park as the ecstatic crowd joined the jubilation.

The five elements—earth, fire, sky (ether or space), water and air—are the five pillars of Creation. According to Indian spirituality, the energy of the five elements awakens divine channels and purifies the milieu. The Sisters entered the new memorial park with five elements to charge it with divine energy and at the same time cleansing environment where the mortal remains of the Dr Mary Glowrey to be re-entombed. While inaugurating the memorial shrine the foursome, placed national flags of India and Australia on the silver coffin to honour the native place of her birth and native place of service.

Rev. Fr. Bobbin MI, Priest official from Bangalore handed over the steel coffin and the key of fibre casket to the Bishop Guntur. Bishops paid floral tribute to the mortal remains. In line with Episcopal decree the mortal remains were incensed again by the incumbent Bishop. After the faithful paid their homage and reverence, the silver coffin with holy relics was blessed, sealed and plastered. The whole serpentine process decked with unusual flowers and pious scintillation symbolized of the well preened bride prepared to be espoused by her groom Jesus Christ.

Sr. Regina Mary, Provincial Superior, Guntur Province accorded a warm welcome on behalf of the JMJ universal family. She said that she deemed it an honour to welcome on and all for the propitious occasion of re-interment of Dr. Sr. Mary. She added ‘All souls are immortal; but the souls of the righteous are immortal and divine.’ She highlighted the heroic virtues of Dr. Sr. Mary and challenged the assembly “If she found that walking with Jesus was perhaps the best passionate adventure ever like all saints, well I urge all religious gathered here to enjoy the same adventures experienced by the saints down the centuries”.

Rev.Fr. Repudi Rayappa Chancellor, read out the recommendation of the Diocesan Enquiry Commission spearheaded by Rt. Rev. Dr. Gali Bali to Rome to initiate the cause to the Congregation for the causes of Saints. Fr. Y. Bala Showreddy, Episcopal Delegate read out the response received from the Congregation for the causes of Saints. Fr. Raphel Reddy, the adjunct Notary of the diocesan enquiry spelled out the decree constituting the special committee.

It was followed by oath taking ceremony by the special committee comprising of Fr. Bhagyaiah Chinnabathini, Bishop of Guntur, Fr. Yeruva Bala Showreddy, Episcopal delegate, Fr. Sleeve Koya, Notary, Fr. Raphael Reddy, The adjunct Notary, Mr. Arokiasamy, Technician.

The concelebrated memorial thanksgiving Eucharist presided over by the incumbent Bishop of Guntur Most Rev. Bhagyaiah Chinnabathini, who was the principal celebrant, and Bishop Emeritus of Guntur Rt. Rev. Dr. Gali Bali. The galore of priests to assist the consecration, the principal celebrant effected the transubstantiation of the Eucharistic elements and led the congregation to commune with God. Rt. Rev. Dr. Gali Bali, Bishop Emeritus of Guntur, in his penchant sermon emphasized the essence and efficacy of heroic virtues of Sr. Mary of the Sacred Heart and challenged the assembly of faithful to replicate the virtues and values of the servant of God to follow the Master.

Rev. Sr. Celine Alapat, Provincial Superior, Hyderabad Province proposed a vote of thanks and touched upon the virtues of Dr. Sr. Mary Glowrey. She exhorted that the charismatic Dr. Sr. Mary with her exemplary life reached out to people cutting across all the section- caste, creed, clan and religion. A sumptuous agape was hosted to close the eventful day at 2 pm. The day has become remarkable in the annals of JMJ with its vibrancy and significance. May Sr. Mary of the Sacred Heart touch and heal many more lives!

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