Diamond, Golden and Silver Jubilee - 2017

Diamond, Golden and Silver Jubilee of our sisters were celebrated on 13.02.2017 in JMJ Provincialate, Mangalagiri

Every celebration is an experience, the external fades away and the internal lingers and echoes in the most depth of our hearts. We are reminded of ‘the Jubilees are milestones on the journey of life, and God’ fidelity all through’.

Everyday carries with its own precious moments which comes and goes through the memory lane. Our lives were out filled only with bed of roses or spread out with green carpet, but there were also moments of adversities and a lot hurdles where we felt the loving presence, guiding hand, supporting strength of God, to withstand and move towards its direction. One who called us to this larger family of JMJ never left us alone. Today what we are is the goodness and generosity of our Mother Society. At every moment of the journey of our lives, it helped us to walk and grow in deep relationship with Jesus in love, fidelity, loyalty and dedication.

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