History of JMJ in Indonesia

Republic of Indonesia

It was the time, the acceptable time in the History of the JMJ Sisters, to start responding to the mandate of Fr. Mathias Wolff –viz- to reach out to the four corners of the world.

PANCASILA, the Republic of Indonesia State Philosophy
The west response to the call of the east mission

Six Pioneers of Indonesia

The Indonesian mission at the request of the Provincial of Jesuits in Indonesia and the invitation of the Bishop Mgr. Walterus Staal of Indonesia, the Superior General of the JMJs – Mother Seraphine Pullens in consultation with her council took bold step to send the missionaries to Indonesia accordingly six young Dutch sisters set sail to Indonesia in the year 1898 – Mother Wenceslas te Poel (Superior) Sr. Josefie van den Berg, Sr. Ractitia Loonen, Sr. Boniface Meyer, Sr. Dosithea Schambergen and Sr. Philothee Peters.

Great Hope….. lost

Our Indonesian mission had a great hope in the support and help of Mgr. Walterus Staal; however God would realize His plans in his own way. Mgr. Walterus died of heart attack in the boat not even having the chance of meeting our JMJ Pioneers in Indonesia.

Mgr. Walterus Staal

The then ruling party in Indonesia weren't friendly and favourable to the Catholic Nuns – which delayed giving permission to open schools as they feared that these schools may be sectarian. Undaunted faith in divine providence enabled them to perseveringly wait for 11 years to realize their dream of starting education for girls. The Charism An “ever adaptable apostolic availability” enabled them to be useful in many other ways for the welfare of the people and brought sisters closer to them.

The Mission Spirit sprouts, germinates and flowers

This could perhaps account for the Indonesian Vocations to JMJ as early as 1924 at the completion of their High School with them. The first batch of Indonesian girls were admitted into the Society of JMJ directly as they had the Dutch language-bond between them. From then on Indonesian girls have been steadily entering the JMJ Society.

Increase of members led to greater availability, varieties of apostolates, extension to different areas and islands and greater openness to the service of the church in Indonesia and around. In 2007 the Indonesian Provinces was divided into three Provinces – Makassar, Manado and Jakartha. The Provincials are Srs. Agneta Ngala, Justien Tiwow and Sr. Lucia Tolok.

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