Fr. Mathias Wolff SJ lit a flame of liberation in 1822 when he founded the Society of Jesus, Mary, Joseph at Amersfoort, Netherlands to educate the poor and the marginalized girls and to strengthen the faith of the Catholic families. As he always experienced the hand of God’s providence, the first three candidates fired with his vision and zeal, came from his parish in Culemborg; who in 1819 were sent to Ghent in Belgium for their religious formation under the guidance of Sisters of Our Lady of Namur. The congregation was founded on 29th July 1822 under the name: ‘PédagogieChrétienne’ which later was named as Society of Jesus Mary Joseph.

This flame was brought to Indonesia in 1898 and to India in 1904 when seven Dutch pioneers came to Guntur to start their mission of health care, education, and catechesis.  The same flame was ignited afresh in 1962 when it was handed over to the Indian Sisters.  Their strenuous efforts have borne rich fruit in the Lord’s vineyard and within a few years the glow of the flame has shone all over the country resulting in the establishment of three independent Indian provinces in 1987 and reached across the oceans to Ghana in 1991, USA in 2011 and a fourth province in  India 2009.

In 2011 General chapter the discussion aroused on the future structure of the society of Jesus Mary Joseph desiring to have two independent institutes.


The historic moment took place in the Society of Jesus Mary Joseph when the Holy See issued the Decree on 10th September 2016 for establishment of two new Congregations with Papal Right namely Indonesia and the Netherlands as one Congregation and India and Ghana as another. The then General superior along with her council called to organise extra ordinary provincial chapters in the whole of the society. Later the Holy See appointed Sr. BigidLawlor as religious assistant for the General chapters as the moderator of bothtwo new Congregations. The 1stGeneral Chapter took place for the Congregation of Jesus Mary Joseph in Sirumalai Tamilnadu, India in May 2019.  During that Chapter the 1stCongregation administration team was elected.

General Council Team :

Sr. InnamaYeruva - Superior General
Sr. ChandraThainese - General Councillor
Sr. Mary Karickakunnel - General Councillor
Sr. ValsaKoreth - General Councillor
Sr. Vijaya Mary Udumala - General Councillor

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