She Wolves:

In course of time, many young, elegant, and enthusiastic candidates joined the Society, and started promoting education and religion in the Netherlands.

Fr. Mathias Wolff guided them at every step. He insisted very much on obedience – on doing the will of the Father. Great importance was set on having intimate intercourse with Jesus, through which, the soul finds an easy access to ‘prayer and work'. His often repeated statement ‘I want to work for God, like a giant,” kept ringing in their hearts. His untiring toil in instructing the little children, listening to confessions preaching the word of God, organizing retreats, made tremendous impact on the minds and hearts of the sisters.

1857: Died on 31st October in Culemborg:

On 28th October 1857 he went to bed not to getup any more. He died three days later at 10.00 in the morning just as he had lived, full of trust in God's Mercy, as he had wished. On a Saturday, the day on which his heavenly Mother is especially honoured, his immolation was complete when he breathed his last on October 31, 1857 at the age of 78, bequeathing his spirit to the Society.

Founder's Prayer
Change me into thyself dear Lord,
That I may live in Thee and for Thee alone.
May my happiness on earth consist in fulfilling Thy Holy Will, Amen.

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