PRAJWALA: The Centre for Awakening to Life’s Fullness, is initiated by the Sisters of the Society of Jesus Mary Joseph, founded by Rev. Fr. Mathias Wolff with the Charism, “Ever Adaptable Apostolic Availability”. In the process of living up to this Charism and recognising the present need in the society for empowerment of women, youth and families, PRAJWALA was initiated on 30th October, 2010. JMJ Society has been identified with the social apostolate right from its inception. Prajwala is the offshoot of the JMJ Social Service Society that has plunged into helping the poor and the marginalized since 1982 and registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860.

MISSION: Centre for Awakening to Life’s Fullness was started in response to the present societal situation where there are disruptions at the personal and societal levels. A great deal of confusion, impulsiveness, and meaninglessness is being experienced individually and collectively. In this context, to help individuals and groups to empower themselves and to CELEBRATE their LIVES, PRAJWALA was established. The focus of PRAJWALA is to empower families, women and youth.

MISSION: The mission of PRAJWALA is to help individuals recognize their inner potentials and celebrate life by developing their self worth. The path chosen for this is equipping the participants to deal with their emotional, cognitive, aesthetic and spiritual dimensions of life. This is achieved through counselling, training, conscientizing and empowering.


  • To empower women in general and victims of abuse in particular to recognize their worth, and celebrate life by living with dignity and confidence.
  • To re - connect families that are falling apart.
  • To accompany young individuals in the process of their identity formation, clearing their confusions, and setting life goals.
  • To develop context - based literature, and intervention programmes to help women, youth and families. • To help the Religious to find deeper meaning and purpose for their lives.
JMJs are identified with social apostolate right from the inception of the Society. The Charism an ever adaptable apostolic availability, bequeathed to the JMJs by their founder Fr. Mathias Wolff, S.J. opened new vistas for them to launch out to the Social Apostolate as per the signs of the times. Sr. Cornelia and Sr. Benigna are pioneers of this apostolate.

Sr. Benigna with Lambadies – Identifying Herself
Home for the handicapped children and aid to the handicapped:
The Society felt the need to open a home for the differently able children to educate them and help them to help themselves in Trichy - T.N. The age group between 6 and 16 both boys and girls are admitted to the home. Besides getting physiotherapy all of them are introduced to different types of developmental programmes. They are sent for education to the neighbouring schools. Those who finished their high school are helped for further study or jobs to build up their future. The handicapped children of our educational institutions are helped by SLF Organization, Netherlands in Guntur, Kondramutla, Nallapadu, Thangellamudi and Trichy.

St. Ignatius' Home for the aged, Durgi:

was open in the year 1995. The health centre which was functioning from the year 1971 was converted into a home for the aged in answer to the need of the hour. The medical care / hospitalization, etc., are attended to by St. Joseph's Convent / Hospital, Guntur. The senior citizens who join as the inmates of the home experience great relief, peace and joy and the blessings of spiritual facilities as they are at the fag end of their lives.
Grihini School:
started in Nallapadu in the year 1984. This is meant for the poor and the marginalized, unmarried, uneducated, school dropout girls of the age groups of 13 to 20 years. The course duration is for 6 months covering a syllabus of tailoring, embroidery craft, small savings, child care, cooking preparation for marriage etc., these girls get a good foundation to develop leadership qualities to take initiative in different skills and find a better place in the Society.
Day care centre:
started in JMJ Convent, Trichy and JMJ Convent, Sirumalai, T.N. There are about 25-30 aged people come there during the day and do some activities like cleaning the campus and gardening. They get rice and other foodstuff as their daily food. Sisters also give medicines and do the needful.
Care & Support Centre:
Realizing the dire need of the hour, the JMJ Sisters came forward to collaborate with the Government of Andhra Pradesh to render the service for HIV / AIDS patients to work in the counselling and rehabilitation at centres in a small way. Guntur Province a centre for HIV / AIDS started in Sattenapalle in the year 2005.
WID programme – Women Integrated Development:
Our WID programme aims at motivating the women for self help groups and to inculcate in them the habit of saving. Many women are engaged in various income generating activities through the micro finance schemes. The centres are in Kakani, Angalakuduru, Tenali and Vejendla in A.P.
“Love for the poor is rooted in the love of God; to serve the poor we must love them”. “When you did it to the least of my brethren you did to me” – Mt: 25:40.
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