A Thirst for God - Sr. Anthony Mary Singasani, Guntur, A.P. India

I, Sr. Anthony Mary Singasani alias Lokeswari, was born on 22nd July 1975, in Kawluru, Kurnool district, A.P. I am the eldest and beloved daughter among the three children of my parents; I have one younger brother and younger sister. I studied in Nandyal, Andhra Pradesh, South India, up to S.S.C in a Hindu High School, so there was no chance to come in contact with Christian faith.

A simple step to become a child of God

After my S.S.C exams I went to my grandma's house (mother's mother) in Kawluru. One day along with her I went to Church for Holy Mass for the first time. After the Holy Mass, the elderly Parish priest announced in the church that all the children should attend the Catechism class. Three days were already over, on the fourth day I joined the group for catechism. I was very much touched and inspired by his explanation about Catholic religion and the life of Jesus explained in the form of small stories.

After three days, the priest announced that those children who attended the catechism classes can receive Baptism and Holy Communion. I was eager to join the group but my grandmother objected saying that my father will be angry and asked me to go back to my village. Since I was insisting up on, the parish priest said to my grandmother, “If the child is longing so much to receive baptism, do not object to her wish”. So I was allowed to receive Baptism and First Holy Communion on 13th February 1990. I was christened as Anthony Mary on Tuesday the day dedicated to St. Anthony. The parish priest gave me a Rosary, Bible and told me to learn the prayers and say the Rosary daily.

Strived for Christian atmosphere…

I returned home but never said a word to my Father of what had happened. He wanted me to join intermediate in Nandyal itself. But I did not want to study there. Meanwhile I came to know about Intermediate course at St. Joseph's Junior College at Nallapadu through one of my relatives. I forced my Father to join me at Nallapadu because the parish priest who baptized me advised to join in the Catholic college where I will be able to practice Catholic religion. I took science group in my intermediate course. I was happy to be in Nallapadu, there was daily Holy Mass, Bible reading and prayers. I used to take great interest to read the Word of God and whenever I had a chance to read it publicly I was happy. I used to pray the Rosary daily.

When JMJ sisters conducted vocation camp in Nallapadu, I joined with the Catholic girls and attended the camp. I enrolled my name to join the Society at the end of the meeting. When I was at home during holidays, I received a letter from the provincial superior of Guntutr province to join the candidacy for six months period to learn English course. That time only my father came to know that I had already received Baptism. I had a great struggle to convince him and get permission to join the religious life.

Entry into religious life

After six months I was called to join the Aspirancy at Sathenapalli, A.P in 1995. There was a strong opposition from my father. I was very firm in my conviction and seeing my tears he agreed to bring me to Sathenapalli to join Aspirancy. Often my father used to come to take me home. All these struggles deepened my vocation and the Lord was with me all through my struggles. I confirmed my vocation through the guidance of JMJ Sisters during my formation period. I joined the postulancy on 11th February 1996 and made my first profession 29th January 1999 at Trichy, T.N. At my first commitment parents were not allowed. By this time my father became reconciled with my decision. When the time came for my final commitment in the year 2006 my father was no more, so my brother took the place of my father and witnessed my final commitment.

Trained for nursing profession

After my first commitment I worked for one year in JMJ Social Service, Kondramutla and joined for nursing in St. Joseph's School of Nursing, Guntur in 2000. Now I am continuing my health care service in the St. Joseph's Hospital, Guntur. I am happy to serve the sick and the suffering.

Trust and surrender to the Lord….

I always marvel at the wonderful and mysterious ways of God who called me to the religious life and express my gratitude to Him day after day. Now I continue to live as a sister of JMJ with commitment, contentment and conviction, that the Lord who leads me will be faithful to the end. I praise God for ever and surrender myself under the guidance of the Holy Spirit so that I may be able to continue my life faithfully till the end in the Society of JMJ.

With St. Paul I affirm in the Lord, “I am confident of this, that the one who began a good work in me will bring it to completion by the day of Christ Jesus. (Phil: 1:6).

“My Soul glorifies the Lord, My spirit rejoices in God my Saviour” (Lk 1:46):
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