The Humble Begingings

From the start the pioneers focus was on medicle apostolate. In 1905 a small dispensary was setup and the sisters started visiting the homes of the poor. This was the simple and humble begining of Health Care Apotolate of the Society of J.M.J. in India. Our sisters started the work of mercy to the best of their ability, treating the sick with immense love and compassion. Though they were not conversant with local language (Telugu) and the customs and practices of the people, they always had a nod or a sweet smile an understanding, sympathetic look which brought wonders. It is startling to reckon that within a month the sick found their way to the sisters and sisters in their turn where the refuse of the sick and the suffering.


"Mine was now the privilege to rise up in haste and cross not the hills but the seas and carry Jesus to many a mother and child".

Dr. Sr. Mary Glowrey, J.M.J.
Born : 23.08.1887, Victoria, Australia
Doctor of Medicine : 23.12.1918, Melbourne, Australia
Joined Society of JMJ : 12.02.1920, Guntur
Founded CHAI : 29.07.1943
Died : 05.05.1957, Bangalore

Dr. Glady’s Lobo a valiant woman Virtuous, sacrificing and daring Doctor.

Dr. Mary was the first lady to be admitted to the Society of JMJ other than the Dutch. She is the highly qualified Australian lady, with her master's degree (MD) in Medicine, Ophtalmology, Gynaecology and obstetrics and in ENT, joined the Society in India. She was a turning point, a milestone, the architect and the sculptor of the medical apostolate of JMJ in India. She was the founder of "Catholic Hospital Association of India (CHAI)" and was in inspiration to start a Medical College "St. John's Medical College, Bangalore".

The Nun who revolutionized the care of the sick

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