JMJ Formation - preparation of the young members

The call of each of us is a call for a unique, special task, one that no one can accomplish. Now his action in each and every moment of our lives echoes that call continues to invite, direct, guide, and draw us into the fullness of life. God sees persons fit and invite to make a move at different times, some at the age of fifteen, others at eighteen, or twenty-two, or thirty.

“God chose us in Jesus Christ before the foundation of the World, that we should be holy and blameless before him” (Eph.1-4).

Becoming a Candidate

Once a young woman shows a genuine interest in our way of life, she is invited to stay with us for a period of one year or more, to facilitate a better knowledge of her in view of discerning her vocation to the Society. This period also enables her to understand the human and Christian formation, with opportunities for greater familiarity with the Charism of the Society. This period of time is referred to as the Pre-Postulancy.

Becoming a Postulant
Entrance to Postulancy

“In the formation and training itself the desire of the young person to launch out to the needs of the world in response to the call made on her by everyone in need, will be helped to grow into a disinterested apostolic purposefulness in accordance with the spirit of the Society”. (Const. Art No: 45)
Its goal is to help the pre-novice attain sufficient human and Christian maturity; respond with conviction and freedom to God’s call and specially to clarify her suitability for the religious life and her vocation to our congregation.

Period of Postulancy: One Year

Becoming a Novice
Entrance to Novitiate

In the second year a contextualized formation is given taking into account various cultures and situations of our country. The Novices are sent for experience in our apostolic communities and for a guided ‘rural exposure-programme’ for a ‘live-in-experience’ of the hard realities and struggles of the poor and marginalized in order to help build a just and true human Society.

Period of Novitiate: Two Years


After the first profession made at the close of the noviciate, there is a period of six to nine years, before the final commitment when sisters are placed in different communities either engaged in one or the other apostolate or in furthering their professional training.

“Formation is an ongoing process. This demands that spiritual knowledge be constantly kept up; thus the personal spiritual development of the sisters promotes our apostolic endeavour an indispensable requirement for all forms of apostolate is being well informed about and keeping abreast of contemporary thinking” (Const. Art. No. 74)

Each sister takes up the responsibility to grow spiritually and integrate the various aspects of her life. Involved in the realities of the world today and inspired by the unique role played by our holy patrons – Jesus Mary and Joseph, in the plan of salvation, we are called to grow in living our consecrated life, day by day, with deep commitment and conviction.

The Society offers ample opportunities at every stage through seminars, courses, meetings, interactions etc; to learn, to be enlightened and transformed.

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