How lovely is the family JMJ.
How great we feel when all of us are here
Our hearts and souls ring out with joy this moment
What happiness we feel so close to all.

1. We honour our dear Founder Mathias Wolff for the charism he gave for all of us. Oh happy we who are his followers who day by day live out our charism
2. We continue to labour like giants and carry the four corners of the world available to all and always to help build the Kingdom in all hearts.
3. Rise up sisters with zeal and great courage and stand united with the power of God to liberate one self and others to live a happy life as JMJ.

Life as JMJ long live JMJ long live JMJ long live JMJ long live JMJ…..


We belong forever to this
Holy family of Jesus Mary Joseph
Jesus Christ the Saviour, he is our brother
Mary queen of heaven, she is our mother
Joseph the just man, he is our guide
We are the sisters of the Jesus Mary Joseph

Jesus gave us love that we may love others
Jesus is the Joy that we may rejoice
Jesus came to serve that we may serve others
We live in love, joy and service - (2)

Mary was ever adaptable in her ways
Available to reach out the poor
Simple and humble in faith the obeyed
So we are ever adaptable, available to reach out
We live in love, joy and service - (2)

Joseph though a carpenter, had dignity for the work
Even in times of troubles, he was the man of joy
With the work of his hands, he blessed his family
So we work in the light of Joseph
We live in love, joy and service - (2)
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