Solidarity and equality lead us into awareness that all of us belong to one another as sisters of JMJ and belong to one another with all the people in the whole world as one human family. And so we must be our brothers and sisters keeper. (Gen 4:9) though may be we are separated by distance, language, culture or country. Jesus teaches us that we must love our neighbours as ourselves as in the parable of a Good Samaritan that our compassion should extend to all people (Lk 20: 25-37)

  • Socio Church Project
  • Poor fund – for education of the poor and poor patient.
  • Employees welfare fund
  • Relief fund - Natural calamities
  • Housing project for employees
“The Catholic faith is our heritage from God through our beloved parents. The faith is not given to us to lock it up in our heart but to share the treasure with the children”.
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